Congratulations to Michael Mastronicola on an outstanding performance Friday evening (August 19) at The Friday Musicale. He gave a masterful reading of Aaron Copland's powerful Piano Sonata, and energetic performances of music by Ginastera an Villa Lobos. Bobb Robinson (baritone) was stirring in two song suites by Timothy Snyder (Three Songs after Schumann, and Three Robert Frost Songs). Robinson's velvety voice was the perfect vehicle for these rich and noble songs. The Saint-Saens piano duo (with Greg Spiess) was fun, too! After knowing Michael for just a year, I am impressed by his musicianship and technical mastery - and he's just an awfully nice guy. Our students love him at JU and he's really worked his way into the musical community. Bravo! to Michael. Looking forward to hearing him again. Bravo

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