Farewell to my friend, Marilyn Meier

With a heavy heart I join the world to say good-bye to Marilyn Meier, an extraordinary human being and pianist of stunning ability. Marilyn died June 22. She battled a rare form of liver cancer for a year. Her last words, according to her father, Hermann, were to him: "don't forget the children's piano lessons." I met Marilyn in Cincinnati while we were in Bela Siki's class at the College-Conservatory of Music. There she "wowed" all of us with her fearlessness, her friendliness, and her wonderful sense of humor. Also, she scared the hell out of us with her blazing, effortless octaves! Marilyn was tireless in her native Australia bringing arts and music to place where it hadn't been - inspiring all who met her - enriching lives and touching hearts. I join all of her friends and family members to mourn her passing. Yet, in the shadow of sorrow, we find joy in all that she accomplished in her tragically short life. Marilyn Meier-Kapavale (1964-2012) Photo in GALLERY Obituary in LINKS

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