Playing Chopin's Waltzes, in the order Dinu Lipatti attempted at his last recital in 1950

After considerable thought, I've decided to make a change to my program for recitals in March, April, and May. I had originaly wanted to honor the great Romanian pianist Dinu Lipatti, who was my teacher's (Bela Siki) teacher. I learned much about Mr. Lipatti from Mr. Siki, and so, to honor them both, and especially to pay tribute to Dinu Lipatti on the 60th anniversary of his last performance, I am playing all fourteen Waltzes of Chopin (to celebrate the composer's 200th birthday) - in the order that Mr. Lipatti played them in September, 1950. Mr. Lipatti, quite ill from leukemia, was too weak to play the final Waltz on his program (Waltz in A flat major, Op. 34, No. 3). During my recitals, I'll pause briefly for a moment of silence before this final Waltz. It's important to me to honor both Lipatti and Siki in this way, and I hope you'll find it meaningful to you, too.

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